ID guy, 6 yrs. Exp, portfolio, sketchbook, web, print...

I am a designer with six years experience. I threw this little site together to try to generate some job leads. I am interested in some feedback about my work. Thanks in advance to all who post. Click the link below: :wink:

I really enjoyed your site.

It was simple and to the point.

It didn’t get caught up with what “cool” transition or introduction the site should have. You see so many sites that open with a really slick intro and some crazy sound clip, but then doesn’t deliver when it comes to content. I thought that your site was the exact opposite. Easy to navigate and understand. Projects had a clean layout and a thorough description.

I think that a site such as yours is a great example of what employers are looking for; someone who has a great understanding of the product development cycle.

My only comment for growth might be that I would like to see one project, as a sort of case study, that is brought through the entire product cycle, showing it step by step. This isn’t always neccessary, however, I just like to see it. I feel that this shows me more that individual product images.

Great site, best of luck.

Nice stuff. Easy to navigate webpage, too! I think too often designers get caught up in creating overly complicated websites in order to candy-coat mediocre work. Your site lets your strong work speak for itself!

I’d agree with the previous post…would be nice to see a complete project cycle, from sketch to production (or however far it went)