ID grad programs acceptance difficulty

the deadline for ID grad school applications is just around the corner (feb 1 for most) and it has got me quite stressed. explaining my situation, i was wondering how worried i really should be and how may back-ups i should have.

i recieved my bachelor’s of architecture in may 03 but have no professional experience (which seems very important to some schools and insignificant to others), i have had a few freelance jobs though. i did well at school, finishing with a 3.6. As for the portfolio: like an obcessive designer, i am never satisfied with my older work, so i have been developing new designs and various independent ID projects to show competency in that field and forgot to leave significant time to organize some work from my first 4 years of arch education. oops. so i am going to throw some pages together of that work very quickly… they won’t be too pretty. i have an idea of what i am going to write for the letter of intent but… not done yet. subconsciously, i must intentionally put stuff like this off to stress myself out.

i am applying to ID grad programs such as: art center, academy of art u., pratt, along with several other potentials.
with such strong reputations i immagine it will be very difficult to get accepted, so i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how many schools i should apply to ensure i find myself in one come fall semester (i cannot afford to go overboard on schools b/c that $40 - $100 application fee is very hard for me to come by right now). i understand that it is difficult to determine without viewing a sample portfolio, but any advice you can give would be much appreciated. if anyone is so inclined, i could e-mail some sample works to better determine where i stand.


It sounds like you arwe covering all of your bases. You should do fine. Throw some stuff up on coroflot when you have time.

i’m in the same boat. i started off with the mentality that i was going to apply to 7 schools all acroos the world, that i just wanted to get in and since so many are 3 years for those without bfa in id, that i would transfer after a year. as i put the portfolio together and started thinking about the cost for applications alone, and to schools i really wouldn’t necessarily want to get my degree from, i changed my mind. i ended up applying to 2. if i get in, great, if not, i will take udergrad classes in id at the local university and gain some of those skills that i would have gotten in year 1 at grad level anyway.

if it was meant to be, it will happen. think about your skillset and what the schools offer, let alone location, cost of the tuition and living, etc. The programs are so very diverse from one to the next, its incrediable that they all fall under the umbrella of “ID”.