ID grad getting into apparel/softgoods...

I’m a recent ID grad interested in gainging expereince with an outdoor gear company. I’ve interviewed with a few companies for entry level positions and the response has been that I may not have enough experience…any suggestions on companies to look at or how to gain experience in this area?

hhhm. For designing footwear or apparel? You do have a portfolio, right? I would do as much research as possible that would enhance your knowledge of what the job position entails. I would also ask the companies whom you’ve interviewed with, what type of experience you are lacking. Ask them what you can do or learn to get the job so that you are better prepared in the next interview. Learn as much as possible about the field you are trying to work in and try to let the companies know how eager you are to work with them. I think enthusiasm goes a long way and can sometimes make up for lack of experience. Good luck! ~B