ID / Furniture design schools

Hey guys! Last month I got my BA degree in Graphic Design, however I’d like to switch to ID or Furniture design. What schools/course in the US or even in Europe would you guys recommend me?

Well this been discussed on here before and I would assume not much has changed.
The schools in Europe I know and have visited are ECAL in Lausanne, khio in Oslo, KISD in Cologne and Konstfack in Stockholm where I am attending the Masters.
They are all excellent schools. ECAL, while great for furniture, will make you speak french though.

Sweden, with Konstfack, HDK in Gothenburg and University of Lund, has the big advantage that it is indeed (for now) tuition free, even for international applicants.

Thanks alot Bepster!

sadly, that comes to an end 2011.

Do we know what the fees will be yet?
That whole thing seems ver unorganized…

I saw some figures for Lunds university, but not for the ID programme. Can’t say if they were high compared to US/UK schools, but around € 10k-15k per year, and higher for medicine and arts. Art, id guess about twice as high.
Pretty sure it’s set that non-EU students will have to pay tuition.

Found this

wow, it will be interesting to see how this will influence the educational system.
My guess, the application rate will drop significantly with Asian studnets looking to the US and UK instead.

Thanks Bngi for the update!