Id from uk/italy???


I am interested in product design, i dont have a design background. i have done civil engineerng. i am looking for good design school in Uk/ italy!!!can anyone help me out please.

I study ID in Germany. Right now I am doing an Exchange Year at the Politecnico di Milano, which is probably the best University for ID in Italy. Also I studied in the UK for 1 Semester. At Brunel University of West London. Very good school. Check for Rankings.

Greetings from Milan

hi flo, would you recommend students to head to politecnico de milano to do their ID studies then? I am interested in this school but have heard mixed reviews about this school. Hope you can reply me on this. Thanks a milllion


does the milan polytechnic offer classes in English?
thanks a million!

good day, ^!^

Im at brunel (i just started) so if you have any questions just give me a shout.
another place in the uk with a good reputation is loughborough, search for my previous thread ‘loughborough/brunel’ for some interesting comments.

so far brunel seems to be very good, and i know it has a great reputaion.

as fro rankings, ignore them. rankings are suspect at the best of times, but especially for design the are absolutely useless.

best of luck

I would definately recommend going to the Politecnico di Milano. They have huge labs which are brandnew. Even though all the classes are in Italian, you can learn Italian quickly, because they offer quite intensive language courses.