ID firms/jobs in cities like...

Hye…can anyone list some of the good firms to work in the following cities… Seattle,WA
Austin, TX
Pittsburgh, PA
State Park, PA

check the chamber of commerce for each city.

Try searching through here:

I have design teaching experience of 3 years and 2 year design firm experience… what kind of a position should i expect…in a ID firm… and what kind of salaries… in place like Pittsburgh, PA , Seattle, WA and Austin, TX.

Please help… about the portfolio…what should i include in my portfolio… should i include… students work as well…???

Someone with your experience in Pittsburg would probably be around $55,000 year - same would go for Austin.

Seatle would be a bit more, maybe $70k tops. That is just based on cost of living differences. If there is a lot of competition in Seatle, you could be looking at significantly less.

:slight_smile: That helps a lot… I have been looking at the design directory…

What kind of a portfolio would impress the firms the most… online… flash based, html (website…)… or a print or just images…

I am starting work on my folio to look for a job later this May… Any suggestions on what kind of work they would look for… sketches…?? design other work???..3D modeling- Rhino, (and what other sw…skills do they look for…) stuff… my research??? my teaching experience…(would it be good to include… students projects in my folio or not…)…

Any added information /suggestions would be really helpful for me…

How much time do you think Job hunting would take…?Do you think 2-3 months are enough…

Can anyone help me with the protfolio query…asked above?

Plus there has been numerous discussions on core about this topic. Search the discussion boards yo!

Let’s see what you have so far.

ska, what city do you currently reside in?

Thanks that helps…

I don’t know if this statement is directed to me or not?

I was just curious which city you live the closest to? Simple question, simple answer.

I used to live in Pittsburgh for 6 years. I thought I could provide some feed back on the design firms within the Pittsburgh area.

I am in Mississippi right now and at this point i am not sure which city ill be moving to …, Pittsburgh is a probable location …

It will be great to know about job prospects around Pittsburgh area.

I also wanted to know… with my last 3 yrs experience in teaching.and 2 yrs prior in (architecture+ Industrial design firm)… can i apply for a mid-level position…
some of the big companies have a position of a senior industrial designer available…at mid-level.(in coroflot database)…??

Do you think i have chance there…??

  1. should i include students work (teaching) in my portfolio?

  2. should i apply to mid level industrial design jobs… (senior designer)?


Are there some good design firms near and around Amherst, MA??

1> No, not a chance.

2> depends on your skill level and the expectations of the firm, but can’t hurt to try.

Thanks for replying…

I should not include my teaching work in my portfolio, is that what you are saying? not clear…

secondly… should i put all my work on an online web portfolio…will that be enough ??

Include the freshest, most vital work that means the most to you. There’s no point padding out your portfolio with dead student work-Unless you have had some of this work published somwhere and it will give you recognition.

Passion, talent and commitment are essential.