ID firm website does not work, run or stay.

When searching for an ID job, I use the core77 directory. Next to the brief description of the company they usually include a website. I’ve notice some websites do not work. It’s that a sign of weakness. Should I avoid these companies?

Do a little more research. Is it just a dead link? Are they listed in that city’s phone directory? Did they change names and not tell Core77? (how dare they…)

It won’t always be their fault, sometimes their hosting company can fail and you just happen to click the link then, but that should be really rare to happen. Maybe they’re no longer around, as it’s pretty cheap to host a website if you do the smallest bit of homework.

There are a few firms on there that are not around. I used to work for on called ConcurrentID. Do you research you will be able to get this kind of info.