ID + Entrepreneurship + New Technology = ?

I am a graduate from Brown University’s Architectural Studies undergraduate program. In my searching, I found that an MArch was not for me, but have been in heavy contact with the nearby RISD, as well as working professionals, trying to figure out if the design field is the right channel for me.

So far I’ve been looking at RISD’s Master in Interior Architecture, which is a blend of interior design and some light architectural work with walls and such, but does not lead to any sort of interior design or architectural license, though I could test for the ID license. I found that I am very interested in new lighting technology, smart displays, and interactive environments and how these things can be applied, and thought lighting might be my niche, and the MIA might be a good route.

More recently however I’ve been second guessing this notion. I have started investigating industrial design. I would like something more entrepreneurial in nature and I have always been a tech nerd, so my most recent thoughts have been on trying to see if there is a link between industrial design, architecture, and entrepreneurship. I know some research has gone into the application of nanotechnology, for example. Even if I may not be able to see it now, I’m attempting to figure out whether industrial design in general would be a good outlet for my interests.