ID Engineering


I’m off to Grad school in the fall… and I am begining to think about my electives… The program that I will be attending offers a number of engineering courses and I am wondering how often the average product designer deals with engineering issues? I don’t expect to become a master in the subject, but would it be a good idea to become familiar with some of the key concepts? And what might those key concepts deal with?


so I take it you don’t have an undergrad in ID?

No… I have a BFA in sculpture/intermedia + some Art Center At Night and Pasadena City College courses.

…in my experience, not alot right out of uni, but as I moved into more senior positions and then into project management it became more so…right now i would say that it is about…30% ID, 30% Eng, 30% proj man and 10% mktg…get the very basics in engeering, project management and marketing at uni and pick the rest up as you go…right now you really need to concentrate on ID skills and work your book…