ID drawing classes in NYC

I am working full time and interested in honing my product drawing skills, but I do not know what school offers night classes.
In particular, I am looking for marker rendering and product drawing classes.
Can someone help me?!?!?!?!


Yeah if anyone knows of the same in Chicago i’d appreciate it. i’m not ready to be lampooned on the sketches page yet :wink:

Yeah if anyone knows of the same in Chicago i’d appreciate it. i’m not ready to be lampooned on the sketches page yet :wink:

i think there’s still some art center at night classes. best to inquire with art center in pasadena directly. some of the guys at smart design ran the classes, but i don’t know if they still do.

for the price of a class you can get this:

Man Yo, you really worship those DVDs huh? Personally, although being the best sketching technigue DVDs, I don’t think I want to spend $60~$70 on them. All that is merely watching someone draw. It isn’t really a tutorial, because it doesn’t cover the full range from the basics to advanced level. I’d rather spend on perspective classes or demo tapes or books if I want to learn something substancial.

I wouldn’t use the word worship, but I would use the phrase highly recomend. No need for dramatics.

They do cover the basics (scott robertson) to the advanced stuff and they are good demos (aside from the Harold Belker ones, he’s not as god at explaining himself). Watching someone else draw, in person, or on DVD really helps. You can spend the money on a class with one instructor, or you can spend the money on the DVD’s with a bunch of the best concept designers out there, plus you can study it more in detail. The Scoot Robertson photoshop rendering one really helped get me to the next level. Funny cause he war renderig this crazy alien wildabeaste, somehow the next time I rendered a product, I found myself refering back to the techniques he demo’d

MC What demo tapes are you talking about and how are they different than these? I’d like to check them out.

Practice on your own, this can help, too. There are lots of books about it

Thanks for the info on the DVDs.
I just wanted to take some night classes to brush up on my skills and to have an instructor critique my progress…

You can check out Pratt. The school of continuing ed offers night classes in drawing for product design (there are two sections – one intended for those seeking to apply to the grad program and one for those just seeking personal enrichment. I’m not sure how much of a difference there is between the two).

Personally, I found the class very helpful (though, I must note that I do not have an undergrad art background). The bulk of the class was devoted to drawing simple shapes well, in perspective, and the last few weeks to basic marker rendering and mechanical drawing.