ID Documentary


Nice poster boy.

I want my kids to grow up to be an industrial designer too.

Interesting, I liked Helvetica.

I didn’t see Karim being mentioned as the poster boy? Might as well be Ives, Bangle or Rams, who also participate.


What is Karim thinking about in this photograph?

“What time is my manicure tomorrow morning?”

It is easy to take pot shots at Karim. He puts himself out there for the specific purpose of being an antagonist and we just feed into it. I call a moratorium on Karim :wink:

I would much prefer to see the interviewers go into the Karim studio, or the Fuseproject studio (or Ziba, or IDEO, or…) and interview the trenches, not the figure heads.

remember when K^#|M was a curse word on this forum?

looks like a documentary I will self indulge in, dieter rams all over the place, nice!

What is Karim thinking about in this photograph?

Where can I get another pair of purple anodized glasses in case I lose these?

Nice nails buddy.


ummmmmmmm how about “have i taken metro sex ual toooooo far?”

or maybe he’s contemplating how much further it can go!

“You can’t stop me Austin powers. I am Dr Evil. Perpare for me to take over the world with my giant laser beam. Whaahahaha”

“…and I want it to be: one Million dollar:”