ID Companies in Nashville, TN

I’ve been living and working in Nashville for a moment now, and am exploring companies in the area that might have design departments-- for inspiration and possible work opportunities.

There are a few interesting companies in the area I have found so far, but in some ways Middle TN feels like a design desert compared to bigger cities like Atlanta or Chicago. I was wondering if the Core Boards had any new insights to add!

So far:
Gibson Guitars
Dollar General
Electrolux (North American HQ)
Griffin Technologies
Schneider Electric
2ndLook/Arrister (small firm, the only one in the coroflot directory. Related: Arrister/Parsonal, a very cool custom furniture concept)


Not a lot going on in TN in general. Just be thankful you’re not in Chattanooga. My company does a little POP work for Gibson, and they seem a little flakey, but It could be cool I suppose. At least you’re in a town with more than one company even remotely related to ID. I think Nissan has some sort of design facility in that neighborhood if memory serves me.

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BTW we’re hiring if you’re interested in working in the low-end chip rack industry.

So, why don’t you post a Job Opening @

Hey bro, a NashVegas job just popped up on coroflot!

I think I saw a couple others also