ID... CCS vs CIA

I’ve been accepted to CCS and CIA.
and… I really much want to know more informaion about CCS and CIA…
Which school is better? and why?
Your opinios would help me a lot
Thanks :blush:

CCS is doing a lot of retooling to their ID program, staff, focus, facilities - good time to be on the ground floor.

CIA has a long track record for good work - a safer bet.

you need to visit both, talk to everyone you can, look at where you want to end up to make the best choice for yourself.

Thank you for your answer.

I now live in Korea…So it is difficult to visit both before making a decision,… because of my visa…

anyway, have a good day! :blush:

I know a lot of great designers from both schools.

Personally, I think Cleveland is a nicer city to live in for 4 years. Detroit can be rough, but many have survived CCS!

CIA…(though you’ll get job placement from either school)

It’s tough to see a portfolio from someone who is holding a degree, and then recognize that their only experience with how color works is from only working with markers or a computers rendering.

Above having an Industrial Design department and job placement, CIA is an even stronger fine arts school. I think that’s where a lot of their success is.

In my opinion you’d be better off planting yourself in an environment where you will HAVE to draw, sculpt, paint (blow/cast glass, weave, ceramics, silversmith, enamel, illustrate etc…) and be challenged as an artist overall, in your non-product two dimensional and three dimensional designs and creations. You might find out that you stink or hate working with glass. However, there’s tons to be learned by actually going through those otherwise-fine-art processes, and then getting a three dimensional design harshly/constructively critiqued in a non-ID environment.

Outside of your product design curriculum, you’ll excel in your model making and visual communication, if you can immerse yourself in all that a school like CIA has to offer. Its bound to only effect your product design for the better. If you go there, do it all before you graduate.

I’m going to CIA in the fall. I didn’t apply to CCS, but have heard it many times on this board. I didn’t really pay attention to the comments cause it wasn’t going to be one of my options.

I chose CIA for it’s overall approach to the ID program. I don’t know how it compares to CCS but I think CCS is more geared towards the automotive industry. But CIA has it’s own auto track also.

Good luck on your choice.

actually CCS just split off ID from Trans entirely (used to be the car wash outs did ID). It’s now a seperate school with new studio, faculty and a keen interest in ties to industry.
that, and the money coming into downtown from the casino’s are making it more attractive all the time.