ID career path.. and path after ID..

I’m still mulling over the value of a career change into ID by pursuing a Masters. By many accounts here I’m barking mad to be risking my livelihood to enter a career where only the top 10% or fewer of all graduates actually practice the profession successfully, and even fewer continue on with it after ten years or so for a lifetime career.

If I go down this road I want to do it with my eyes open. So, if I may query the readership: what is the typical career path of an industrial designer, with either a Bachelor’s or Master’s? For those who make it in, is the natural progression to eventually start one’s own design practice or other business? Or is it to take on more business-like responsibilities within a corporation, requiring an MBA?

Are those who remain in design work after ten years or more without advancement considered unsuccessful or lacking ambition, therefore easy targets for layoffs?

And what of those who leave the profession, by choice or otherwise? Do they consider themselves burned out and/or tapped out? Do they migrate to related professions? Or do they wind up in totally unrelated [under]employment?

Thanks for your input

perhaps you should post your query on another core77 board. “students n’ schools” readership is primarily by those wanting to go into an ID program, or those actually in one…

to see if that helps. The question is somewhat appropriate to either forum.