I'd be embarrassed

on the Home page. wonder if any BenQ (Acer) designers visit the forum. defend this.

I’d have to take a closer look to really judge the whole design. On the outside, yeah, it looks like an iPod ripoff, but maybe there’s more to it.

Nothing is original, not even Apple. But if you are ripping a design off, you gotta do it well.

Everything should be in Designer Black.

By order of Me.

I think this is probably a marketing driven product. They probably came down with a design brief that said, “compete with I-Pod” when what they meant was, “copy I-Pod” which is what the designers found out after their first meeting. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and try to develop something innovative next time.

they themselves admit its an ipod ripoff. yuck.
benq have a nice style before this ipod lookalike and i actually like their stuff. at least copy with intelligence…

oh, have you notice how nowadays every new earphones seems to be coloured white (if theyre feeling a little creative, theyll have shades of greys.)

sigh. this happens when the moneyman controls the design process. “i want it to look like the ipod.” “i want the phone to look like nokia’s”.

agree w/ that, 914.

and maybe it has nice detailing. so yeah, cant judge it really. even so, i would never show that in my portfolio. first impression counts. even if details are different first thought is that its a knockoff. kinda feel bad for any designer being directed “Make it look like…”. been there. it sucks.

how do you really rip off an i pod? its too simple a design to really rip off. Its like saying that i pod ripped off a zippo lighter because they are the same shape are they not an i pod that just has a added square and a circle on the front. I pod is pretty much the simplest form for an mp3 player and most functional, i expect there will be a large amount of companies pumping out similiar designs. which is good because i want a mp3 player which also doubles as a portable hard drive without the use of software like i tunes, and one which allows me to download my digital camera memory directly onto the device. hopefully the “i pod” market will become more competitive driving prices down for me so that i can afoord one.

I think the nicest thing about the iPod is the user interface. The BenQ product looks like an iPod on the outside, but I’m curious how well the interface design is excuted.

Has anyone seen one of these in person yet? I agree with you Matt, the I-Pod has a nice interface with the rotating wheel/touch sensetive part (although oddly, this is poor mapping, because the interface moves up and down). It looks like the BenQ simply has buttons, no rotating dial…can anyone confirm?