ID at GAtech?

HI, I need advice,

I’m very interested in studying ID. Have been for years now.

ONly place I can study it in Atlanta is Gatech.

You may or may not know Gatech is an engineering school.

I studied architecyture for 2w yrs but had difficulties with the engineering side. I feel i’ve grown and matured since then but i don’t want to make the mistake of entering into a school too engineering based for me.

Any tips/ advice?

Anyone studied at gatech?

great timing. the IDSA Student Merit awards is this wed (17th). go to steelcase, watch the top 4 students present, and then make your decision. the top 4 are very good, motivated students. not all the students are at that level…some not even remotely close. there is a wide range of talent, and it is up to you to step it up if you decide to join the program.

the program at tech isnt the best, but it is getting better. students are getting much more involved and high up people are paying more attention. we are growing out of the image of being the bastard child of architecture.

If you decide to join, be smart about your skills: take reeder’s sketching class as early as you can, take alias as early as you can, and any other electives that you think can help your skillset. the more you know as early as possible, the better projects youll be churning out. good luck on your decision.