ID around the world - Opportunities abroad

Hi all,

I’m a product designer interested in a moving outside of the US at some point in the future. Putting aside for a second the discussion of visas and moving logistics, I’m wondering what places in the world have good job markets for IDers. I’d guess that countries like Germany would be pretty high on that list, but what else? Dubai? Central/South America? Asia? Africa?

Does anyone out there have some interesting expat stories they’d like to share?

I have been to Doha, Qatar and they are very welcoming to new US employees and eager to set up new projects.
It’s a different world but with very high living standards (for the Qatari), it is fairly easy to establish a name if you are good, and there is a lot going on there. Also explore Scandinavia if it attracts you. Check out the job boards like

Working abroad for a while is a great idea!
At least for me, it has helped to round myself out as a designer and to gain a perspective that is hard to get from just sitting at a desk.

Germany is a good call with Munich probably being the ID hotspot. Most of the large international consultancies are there such as IDEO, Frog and Designit. Otherwise, you got some cool stuff happening in the Nordics.

UK and mostly London is a little tricky right now due to Brexit and I might wait a little to see how that will shake out.

I have my British Passport and I have been thinking about this as well and I would love to work in the EU. Will Brexit be limiting the potential for a person with a UK passport to work in (say) France or Germany? Or is Brexit only limiting for non-UK nationals to work within the UK?

Well this is the UK pipedream and the hogwash that was sold to a lot of the British people.
I would say it’s fair to assume that the EU won’t agree to this.

But really, this is all up in the air at the moment and really too early to tell what the rules and laws will be.

The British, or at least the majority of the ones that voted, have clearly taken a stand against immigration and to jeopardize the options for British citizens working abroad within the EU.
What this means however when the negotiations are concluded, who knows.
I got two EU passports and would definitely think twice about starting a new chapter of my life in a country where the public and the political structure is set up to not welcome foreigners.
Weather this will be the same for UK citizens wanting to live and work in the EU, we’ll have to see.

It’ll be complicated.