ID and support services from India

Its been a while since software firms and many BPO moved to India . basically for cost, & time benifit. Even engineering services are doing well.

I believe now its time for ID firms to look seriously at India. Since business models in typical western style for small design studios in USA & Europe, have been & enjoying interns to do all sweat work followed touch ups , finishing and bradnign under… their OWN belts.

Many freelance designer like me are willing to go out and work as a consortium to join. ID firms from west. I would appreciate if we start right here with pilot projects…

I am looking for a positive response …

Our company out soursing the engineering stuff and CAD to india,
You can really find some good company from India to do that for you.
The benefit is its cost. : D

Is much rework needed when the files come back? Is handholding necessary or are the firms in India pretty intuitive? How does one negotiate price? What do you deliver and what comes back? Are most firms flexible across all CAD and tolerence requirments?