ID and San they go together?

when people mention ID in socal, i am not sure if they are referring to SD as well. is there any ID opportunities ?

i would love to attend a meet of some IDers and chit chat…get to know each other…

maybe its a long shot, but i would like to give it shot…wish me luck lol

You might have to drive a little north to get any good conversation on ID. ID took forever to be discussed in Atlanta where I am from. It’s still a little gloomy there and if it were not for GATECH and Big design I think it would have never happend.

San Diego is about the same i am afraid. Maybe it takes a design school to start the evolution of a city? Just speculating.

I think it takes a convergence of a few people who really care, and who are willing to consistently put time into it without much thanks. I know Carl Alviani and the crew that sets up the happy hours here in Portland put more time into it than it looks like on the surface. A few design shop owners, who’s livelihood depends on people understanding good design, also help as they are usually willing to sponsor stuff. If you have a DWR in town, they have a budget to put on local events in their showrooms, connect with them as well. A design school certainly helps as well.

ID takes root where there’s work (ie. manufacturing), not where there’s design schools or IDSA chapters.

San Diego is primarily a biotech (Genentech), software (Qualcomm, Intuit), and military town (Viasat, Northrop Grumman, Spawar, SAIC, BAE.)

But there are excellent and unique manufacturing opportunities. Primarily sport/lifestyle brands (Taylor Made, Calloway K2, Spy, Electra, Reef), mobile (Nokia, Kyocera, Qualcomm), medical (Cardinal Health, Respironics), automotive (Mercedes, Nissan, and startups like Aptera.)

for medical there’s also VQ Orthocare and DJO LLC.

ZIBA also has a branch there.