ID and Age

Is there a too old? I know experienced designers usually move up in the chain, but I’m looking at going back to school and wouldn’t start till I’m in my early 30’s.

I know it’s kind of a stupid question & subjective, but there’s a still an air of age discrimination with some professions… especially when it comes to keeping with the times.

a buddy of mine started at 31… he’s just a late bloomer, that’s all.

Actually in a sense gives you that edge, maturity and life experience that no 18 year old fresh out of high school can match.

However, you might have a problem with prejudging everything… with proper training you’ll be just fine

Think of it this way: if you do get started now, you will have a new career in your early 30’s. If you don’t, you will still be thinking about going back to school for a career change in your early 30’s…

i got my ID degree in my 30’s. didn’t have any problems.

best words of wisdom i’ve yet had. thanks.

The only problem I’ve encountered with doing an ID degree later, is that a lot of places (as a first job) are expecting you to be a young go-getter.
READ: work extra hard for less pay.
So if you don’t mind starting from the very bottom rung, and putting in the extra…extra effort to keep up with your younger contemporaries you’ll do fine :smiley:

yah yah before you all jump down my throat saying ‘of course you got to work hard etc etc’. I’m just saying that it might be harder to:

  • physically keep up (all nighters etc)
  • bend your ethics (take sh*t joe jobs after having already worked in industry…any industry)
  • financially keep up (family, mortgage, payments etc) not to mention tuition.
  • break out of your mold/comfort zone especially if you want to be available to relocate to take jobs.

On the other hand you’ll bring to the bargaining table your world/life experience as well as maturity. Plus as long as you don’t look/act too old you’ll have access to a whole crop of hot students.

That’s what I love about these school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.