ID ADVICE: Cinci, cali,

I am currently a junior at a public university. I have taken a year of foundation arts and then switched majors to social sciences. I have now realized that what I really want to do is ID. I am going to transfer schools, but I having difficulty in deciding which one to go to.

U of Cincinnati is tough to beat with their co-op

Art Center is tough to beat with its program and location
also, i read on their website that the average age of students was 24

Academy of Arts location is tough to beat too…

I am up for any program, money does not mean much at this point. I just want the best experience and opportunity to advance in the ID field.

Also, how difficult is it to be admitted into these programs…especially being a transfer student.

thanks for your help.

Wasn’t this asked allready?

I can’t tell anymore, it seems like this same exact question has been beat into the ground.

See the ‘Sticky’ thread at the top of the page!