ID ADVICE: cinci, cali...

I am currently a junior at a public university. I have taken a year of foundation arts and then switched majors to social sciences. I have now realized that what I really want to do is ID. I am going to transfer schools, but I having difficulty in deciding which one to go to.

U of Cincinnati is tough to beat with their co-op

Art Center is tough to beat with its program and location
also, i read on their website that the average age of students was 24

Academy of Arts location is tough to beat too…

I am up for any program, money does not mean much at this point. I just want the best experience and opportunity to advance in the ID field.

Also, how difficult is it to be admitted into these programs…especially being a transfer student.

thanks for your help.

apply to all 3. You may not get in to one and need others as back ups. I would also include a B school just incase none of them except you.

Academy of Art has an open admissions policy. they’ll definitely take you.

I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI, and without knowing what the Chicago ID or Minn. students are capable of, I would say that Cincinnati has the best program in the Midwest. I was INFINATELY impressed with the skill level these people had and the amount of responsibility companies placed upon them when they did co-op jobs. If I had to do everything all over again I would have transfered to Cincy after my Freshman year when I had seriously thought about doing that.

Pick the one with the co-op…experience is very important in design right now…

but aply to all three…good luck…start strong finish strong

hello, thanks for all of your replies…but what does open admissions policy exactly mean? They will take anyone? No portfolio or good grades? Thanks

They will take anyone with money although it is the Academy or Art “University” now so some admission standards may have changes since I’ve gone. The campus is scattered throughout the city. San Francisco is beautiful but $$$$. Plan on a studio in a bad neighborhood for $1000 mo and in a fairly decent neighborhood $1600+. Check for area rental prices. You will leave Art Center (if you finish) with a much much better chance of success.

I don’t know anything about U of Cincinnati. Ohio is COLD.[/quote]

As a Cincinnati grad, I may be biased, but my vote goes for UC. You just really can’t beat the co-op program. Upon graduating, you’ve already got a year of experience in ‘real world’ environments. UC has coop connections with some of the top businesses in the world…Motorola, Nike, Philips, Big 3 car companies, Fisher Price, etc, etc.

You’re also exposed to a university setting and, IMO, get ‘well rounded’ education. I think you’ll also find the price is right…considerably cheaper than the others. The city of Cincinnati isn’t as bad as you may think!

Because of the nature of Cincy’s co-op structure, you’re actually not there for half the Winter, no matter which co-op section you’re on…

You could just make sure you apply to co-ops in warmer climates!

Somehow I ended up in Minneapolis one Winter quarter though. It seemed like we had 3 hours of daylight and sub zero temps for months…quite an experience.

Thanks guys for your info! I’m going to apply to U Cinci!
By the way, how hard is it to get the CO-OP that you actually want…is their like seniority/waiting line…

All depends on skill! If you’re no good, you may find yourself designing widgets in the middle of Oklahoma!