ICSID Congress 09 in Singapore

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The ICSID World Design Congress is being held in Singapore in November 2009. Themed “Design Difference – Designing Our World 2050", the Congress will address today’s global challenges relating to society, climate, education, health and mobility - issues that will shape the world of 2050.

Can you foresee the world of 2050? Will global warming and population growth be forcing humankind to come up with new solutions for how to live on the planet? Will these be technology-based, or will things have gone “back to basics”, with the world’s population all be managing their own micro-farms? What will the great cities look like, and how will they function? Will people be enjoying multi-sensory entertainment systems, carried in their pockets? How will children be being educated, and about what? Will the genome project have unraveled the key to every possible disease giving humankind an eternal “elixir of life”, or created a new stream of ultra-virulent pathogens? What new modes of transport will have been devised to allow people to travel the globe, or perhaps to other planets, as space-tourists?

Or will the world of 2050 look much the same as the world of today, but cleaner, more efficient and sustainable, and more multi-cultural – and, if so, how will that be achieved?

Can design, and design-thinking, address such issues and questions, to provide solutions? Can only design address these challenges? If you could design one part of the world of 2050, which would you choose, and how would you get started? What would you change? How would you make things better?

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