I helped design the front end of this guy: so psyched about it. Hitting limited production this year.

I’ll post more on the process later. Just wanted to share for now.

oh very cool. I was checking out the goods a few days ago from the link off the Matte black car thread. So utilitarian. Makes the Defender 90 (another one of my all times faves) look plush.

Very very nice. I’ve been drooling over the Icon stuff for a long time. Looking forward to seeing your process stuff!

Thanks, a little video going over some more details:

A little insight into the process on the Icon CJ3B from Wallpaper magazine: Transport | Wallpaper*

wow, im jealous. great project, great results and a great company ethos that features design. good job, MD! not to mention the wallpaper* mention is top notch.

i only wish there were more companies like this that would bring back the original spirit of cars gone by…


I received this in the mail last week. After spending some time with the vehicle after the first one was made, it is so nice to have this as an artifact of the project.

3 more collaborations in the works… some good stuff coming.

Looks great. I love the raw metal color.

The bridge between the headlight bezels is a really nice detail. I could see the whole car really matte and monochrome with that part popped out in a high key color.

keep it coming

Thanks man, it is very close to the initial sketches. Jonathan at Icon used Burkebuilt Engineering, who I’ve worked with in the past, and we were back and forth on the solid works and protos, as it should be. Communication and collaboration. Hard to believe this was back in '09 when this was happening.

Yes, I could imagine lots of color options. The body is completely powdercoated, no paint, so there are some limitations, but it would be cool to see that iconic bar shape in a bright color.
Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 6.34.49 PM.png
Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 6.34.40 PM.png
Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 6.34.20 PM.png

Very cool.

Too many cars these days are covered in excessive and unnecessary lines so Im glad you kept it simple with the grill, very iconic (pun intended).

Looking forward to seeing the next round of projects!

Any updates on the track car project :slight_smile: ?

Thanks Jim. I’m a little to busy on Icon work to mess with the track car for right now. It will come back around though.

Awesome looking forward to both

What’s that little lizard?

It is their logo.

What’s that little lizard?

It is their logo.

Well, there’s a few of those around… but at least a gecko/lizard is appropriate for an all-terrain vehicle (as long as you don’t tell me that it can pull overhangs… . ) :wink:

Nice work Michael. Evokes a post-war, all-business sense that I like about off-road vehicles; not that a little whimsy is a bad thing.

Down here in Pismo Beach, the only drive-on-beach coastal State Park on the west coast, we see so many of these machines (mostly on trailers) coming up from LA and points east … most look like R/C toy wannabes. Some arrive under their own power, but not too many; over-the-road driving tends to wear out the center of deep-cut tires.

Hmmmm… might be a good subject for “Vehicles Spotted in Your Neighborhood” although I think it would become boring pretty quickly.

Where you going to hang that front fascia?

Hey Yo, did you read the autoblog article on the Icon Bronco? There is a nice little shoot-out to your behind the scenes involvement. Seems you did quite a bit more for them than you let on. Nice!

I didn’t do too much on this vehicle. Camillo Pardo dod the exterior. I did some consulting on the interior CMF as well as designing the gauge cluster to make sure it felt familiar to the FJ cluster: below is the FJ cluster and the Bronco cluster:

Mike, I have to give it to you…You definitely have your own style. There is always a touch of the DiTullo signature in everything you do. its pretty cool and something I think we should all strive to do. bring our own style to the design while maintaining the brand identity and project needs. Looks great!!


Yo, what was the connection with Nike? It doesn’t really describe their contribution, but the door sill plaque has the logo and the Nike gave them those sweet boots. Just curious.

Thanks man. It is not intentional, other than just trying to do my best, I try to make it fit within the brand while still pushing the boundaries of it… just for my own growth, can you help me identify what makes something have my style?