iCloud and multiple devices HELP!!

So I got an iPhone 5 this year as an upgrade rom my 3GS. With it I upgraded all devices and computers to current iOS which now includes iCloud. Both my wife and I share a common Apple ID for iTunes and now that everything is upgrade we share EVERYTHING. We have all the same contacts, music, and she even gets my text messages!! I have searched everywhere and have not found a solve for this. Please, do any of you know how to fix this? It is really annoying. I plan on hitting up the Apple store tomorrow but was hoping to avoid the crowds. Anything you can give would be great!


I had the same problem. My solution was to disable icloud back-up for contacts and just backed the phones up in itunes with the cord. As far as apps and such, we just delete the ones that aren’t wanted on that particular device. Not really that much of a hassle and it saves cash in the itunes store. Don’t know what’s going on with your texts though. Sounds like your messaging is not set up correctly. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers

Try looking here: Multiple Devices, One Apple ID, iMessage … - Apple Community

You can use a different apple ID and Icloud account…it’s kind of awkward and I have issues too since I signed up for Itunes in 200x and then got a mobileMe account a few years later. As a result my itunes account is still on the old e-mail and not tied into my Icloud account.

You should be able to have her create her own iCloud account with whatever her primary email is. That will be the account that backs up her data, contacts, etc.

Then under settings you can change her Apple ID to your ID so that purchases and apps are synced.

Thanks guys. I figured out the txt problem and plan to tackle this tonight. Will let you know if I need anymore help.