ICFF- Worth Showing At?

I’ve been to ICFF several times as an attendee. For years I’ve been thinking of showing, but the relatively high booth cost has always put me off. A 10x10 booth is $4k. Add in travel expenses, bakshish, etc., and this show would end up costing close to $10k. We have a small line of production furniture, with a few pieces being added soon (enough to cram into a 10x10 booth, although 10x20 would be much better). However, I don’t have a big interest in adding a bunch of retailers, although I would like to add a few key larger accounts. We don’t do custom work, so we are probably not of great interest to interior designers or architects, not that most of them are doing much right now anyway. Most of our growth is in direct to consumer sales over the web. I see some potential value in the show as a means to generate exposure, but then again, $10k can buy a lot of ads.

Does anyone in a similar situation have direct experience of showing there? Was it worth it to you?