ICFF shmoozing

So, I’m considering visiting ICFF. Since I’m not a member of the trade or a student, I’m have to wait till the last day to get in. Has anyone had experience approaching exhibitors with portfolio in hand on the last day when they are tired and ready to pack up and leave?

If you are a designer you are a member of the trade. Send them your business card and you will be admitted for free.

I’m in the exhibit industry.
99% of the exhibitors at tradeshows are there to sell something, not be sold something. I don’t think it’s wise to solicit the people on the show floor, but good luck. It is a good show if you like furniture. Should be no problem getting in, just bring your business card. Or improvise if you’re a student.

i am not a student nor am i working presently. so could i be able to see ICFF.

The show is open to the public on Tuesday, May 17. Passes are usually about $25.


They are not at all picky about letting people in. Print out a business card on your computer (use the nice non-perforated business card stock) and you’ll be fine. Call yourself an architect or interior designer. It’s not at all like High Point, where they really do check.