ICFF 2011

So, ICFF is upon us once again.
As I would love to plan my event schedule a bit in advance to sync with meetings, I am curious if anybody knows if there is an event guide out already?
If I am not mistaken, Interni had a good one last year but I can’t find any info on the 2011 version.

In Milan, Architonic had a fantastic iPad app by with I navigated daily. It would be great to have a NYC version.

It’s my first time visiting And would also be interested in a guide. Do you know about any special events for Industrial Designers happening those days?

I’m also attending ICFF this year, very much looking forward to it.

I’m sure by now you guys have seen the event & party schedule here on core77:

Who will go to what event/party? Perhaps a good opportunity to catch up/have a beer?

I will go for sure to the ICFF opening party at MoMA on the 14th. The rest of the options I’m still checking out.


Here’s a few posts from the IDSA website:

This first one’s about the IDSA members displaying work at their booth:

And a student chapter’s exhibit from Philadelphia University, San Jose State University and Lincoln University:

Sorry I won’t be able to get up there, but it sounds like a lot of fun…


So I am curious to see what people thought of ICFF this year. This was my first time attending a furniture trade show, so I have no real basis for comparison, but I thought it was pretty interesting. I’m hoping to get a couple of pieces done for next years show, so maybe I can show them in the IDSA booth.

I have heard a few people say that they were not impressed with the show. Some went so far as to say it was terrible. The more disparaging remarks tended to be from pretty snitty, stuck up bloggers though. Just curious to hear other people’s opinions.


PS: This was one of my favorite pieces from the show, so I thought I’d tack it on here. The Airline_009 chair by Corey Grosser.

Will be similar evenings soon?

What the what?

Anyway, PJC MashTun, that chair is pretty awesome.

this chair is super!
i would try it :laughing:

how much is this chair about? :blush:
it looks like very comfortable!