ICFF 2008 -- What's hottt?

Hey Design Weekers and New Yorkers, what’s gonna be hottt at ICFF this year? Who’s got the hottest party in their Meatpacking gallery space? And hey Core, when you posting your annual ICFF event round up? Any chance we’ll see the Jager Deer this year?

event and party list


if this year is anything like past years, the “hot” parties (especially the open rsvp) will be the parties to avoid. the line for the apartment party last year sure was “hot”

also note, supernormal at vitra

Supernormalat Vitra?! Brilliant.

I know we have a booth up there Ive never been whats it like?

anyone else goin?

Bump. Icy-eff-eff 2009. What-what?

I’ll have an installation up for Vitra (both javits and the meatpacking showroom) with two other students!

look out!

Last year ICFF was a bit uninspiring. I would much prefer go to Milan for Design Week. Plus the parties are full of creative types hyping things that we have all seen before but probably better articulated. (this doesn’t go for everything at ICFF…but most)

When are we going to see the next best way to sit down?

I would much prefer apples to oranges.

Milan is very furniture based and ICFF is in fact furniture so I dont know if I get the reference.