ice machine

i want to know if it is possible to combine machines that produces ice cube/tube and crush ice? there a new technology that can produce ice more efficiently and more faster?

Try to make sure of your target market. I guess the efficiency between companies and individual users is different.

There are lots of ice cube maker that are efficient for individual users only. Try to check sites that are doin’ researches about certain problems. They usually post documents that would help others like and
Im not sure if is doin this kind of research like yours.
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isn’t that what every refrigerator with ice in the door already does? makes ice and then crushes it…

the colder you make an environment that water is placed into - the faster it turns to ice. the problem is the power reqirement for maintaining an environment at sufficently cold temps. Std refrigerations cycles are simple and safe, TE coolers (peltier) are fast but inefficent, then of course you can do things like pressurize or put a chamber under vacuum to change the properties of the water (but again this takes way to much power to be reasonable.

physics is physics and no technology has a way around that.

i want to know if it is possible to combine the ice cube/ice tube machine and ice crusher in one machine and produce and dispense ice only if you press the dispense button

Huh? Yeah, this is available on nearly all refrigerators sold in the US. Maybe you should elaborate more?

how long does an ice is produce in an ice machine?whats the fastest time?is it possible to produce more or less 100 pieces of ice in just a minute?

Christ- have you tried going to Sears and looking at fridges?

if the issue is freezing water faster, then yes it’s possible to do this faster.

you’re asking thermodynamics questions on a design forum. might consider posting this question on a more relevant forum.

is there a way to produce water in a solid form? or vis versa?