Ice cream container type packaging ?

Does anyone here know what the ice cream tube type container packaging is called? I’m talking about the coated paper type that has rounded corners and often all over print graphics.

sorta like this, but i have in mind also has rounded corners on the bottom as well.

The top would be a plastic moulded top (PET of some sort I think).

In addition, if anyone knows if asian suppliers for this type of packaging exist with stock sizes and low minimums it would be helpful.

Costing suggestions (for low minimums, a few thousand) would also be helpful even if just rough ballpark so I could compare to a typical cardboard box packaging.




This is called a “Single Wrap Container” or a “convoluted Can”. It’s called that mostly because it is made from two pieces of paper board wrapped around a base. A single wrap you will be able to tell because it will have a seam on the back. If you really want to be generic when talking to a supplier you can just tell them you need a composite paper can and give them your size. It should be able to be made in a few different shapes, but they generally are rounds and squares.

I have attached some info from Sonoco but I would think any of the other big guys would do this and I would also think that most stock packaging suppliers would carry it as well. When doing your search make sure you are looking for paperboard instead of cardboard. You will get much better results.

Are you going to drop a pair of shoes in a container like that R? That would be sweet.

That would be pretty sweat!!

Great info, but I have to admit this made me laugh, Convoluted Can would be a great band name.

I don’t think i’ve seen many other uses of these other than for ice cream.

It made me laugh too. That name is real but it came from a Packaging Engineer that sits behind me. When he told me that I looked at him and said are “you serious?” I always knew it as a Single wrap container.

Thanks for the info. Never would have guessed “convoluted can”. Haha.


i think he might be kidding you… google search for convoluted can has nothing relevant i could see…R

Try convolute (no ‘d’)

Carauster also does this type of thing but I think its just more industrial applications

A convolute can or container is a can that is made through convolute winding instead of spiral winding. It essentially
is a single layer of paperboard that is formed around a mandrel. I have attached a link with info and it will also give you all the info you need on composite cans.

thanks for the links! good info.


My company uses a technology very similar to this device. The only difference I believe is the top portion of the package. It’s called Cekacan.

it might be worth getting quotes from local suppliers too… shipping these from Asia will involve a lot of empty space (these things don’t nest)