IBM's Global Innovation Outlook$FILE/GIO_2005.pdf

I opened this PDF - IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook - and paged through it.

I frankly have too much ADD with the Internet to try and read a 50 page document. And I’m not going to print out that much paper. So these big reports that come out every once in a while - I have to wait and see if someone else will read 'em and blog about the highlights. It’s nice to have other people to your summarizing for you on the web, isn’t it?

So I’ll do my bit and be the pointer. Here’s the piece! Go for it. Be interested to see if someone else has an interesting take on it.

Thanks for finding this.

It almost reads like an excerpt from a Gladwell book.

Most interesting to me is the idea that “flipping the equation” can be a way to create a business advantage rather than a problem.

The GIO has quite a few statistics with sources listed. I wonder if IBM did any fact checking or tried to use multiple sources to spot a trend in certain areas.

Lots of juicy topics could spin off great forums.