Ibasket - KG proposal

I will participate for the first time of Kick Guide contests (that discovered here in the core77. . . thanks); my proposal tries to show:

  • Innovation, to be the “first” like the Ipod.

  • To be simple, pratical and clean, an object to serve the consumer.

  • To adapt the visual identity of a product already recognized by the consumer (Ipod) in another product type (tennis shoes)

The first one is a plastic white version, like a Ipod…

The second is the same; but lower and a little more technological with the use of the carbon fiber…


Whats it got to do with ipods apart from the white plastic and apple logo?

I like them,
with bball shoes they all pretty much have the same shape.
But what i really like is your rendering skills, wouldnt mind talking to to you about what you are doing in Photoshop to get some of the finishes.
Did you spend a long time on these.
I found it quite hard to get in to kicks guide, they all seem to be rather difficult to get on with. Like your always an out sider.

The one that I tried to show with this sketch (and I don’t really know I got if) is the iPod concept; what does make the iPod more wanted that another MP3 players? Recently I was in Japan, and they have an infinity of models of MP3 players, some more beautiful than the iPod, some more functional, some more technological and many are cheaper, but what makes the people want and buy the iPods?

Of course exists an image of mark technological and at the same time irreverent that the apple built during years, but besides exist the feeling of the first there. . . . or at least the reminded; the iPod created a new relationship between the product and the consumer. . . . it is not friendly, but it is a honest product; a product simple, clean, functional that is there to serve the consumer; and it is " new " iPod revolutionized the market of portable apparels of sound and image, simply for being simple. . . . and really different; it was that I tried to do in that drawing. . . . to maintain the functionality, but to break with an old known tennis image, trying that through the elimination of the midsole and of the structuring through an external skeleton, leaving that involves the content (in that case is the foot)

obs: sorry for comunication problems… terrible english :blush:

Interesting concept and crazy rendering…what software did you use if you don’t mind me asking? I’d be interested to see the process you went thru.

Lookin forward to more concepts from you. Good Luck with KG!!!

It looks cool, but for me to like it, it needs to be wearable and makeable.

Because there is no midsole the sock (I’m assuming its some kind of inner sock) and upper would have to be made of some kind of super strong material (think about how many pounds of weight you are going to have to support). What would you use? I’t would have to be flexible and comfortable as well. How would you attach the upper to the inner sock, the weight of the wearer might pull them apart?

Also - you would have to put a disclaimer on the product along the lines of WARNING! NOT FOR USE ON STAIRS

Nice work.

I suggest looking at some different things for inspiration beyond the iPod though. I know everyone loves them, but there’s already another thread in here that has the exact same thoughts as to using an iPod as an influence.

Remember all those spin-off products that came out after the iMacs? It’s cliche and coattail design. It just makes those products look gimmicky.

iPods are beautiful… but it’s not working for me in a basketball shoe.

Still, those renderings look cool. I appreciate your post. It’s fun seeing everyone’s work.

i totally agree with shoenista, if it’s not possible to make or wear then it’s not a shoe for me, it’s just a pretty object to look at. how would you even put them on? :confused:

i think they look more like a ski boots or ice skating boots, because they look so stiff.

like everyone else said your rendering is really good.

hey, your not born with knowledge of shoemaking. I think with some careful dissection, this could be modified into a wearable shoe.

Also, it uses the iPod for inspiration because that is the theme of the competition. It has to be a shoe inspired by the iPod.

for me what makes the iPod cool is not the white plastic and chrome. It’s the fact that it is a simple staple that looks the same on everyone, yet each one is totally unique depending on what the user puts on it. It looks the same, yet its totally customizable.

The closest thing to this in shoe form is the Chuck Taylor. So many people wear the chuck (rappers, artists, indie kids, preps), but it flips totally uniquely based on how you wear it.

A simple black T shirt is the same thing.

My advice would be to move beyond the surface of the iPod (which everyone else will use for inspiration) and dig into the concept of it and see where that takes you.

keep up the good work, and though there are a lot of negative comments, they are points from professional shoe designers who are trying to help.

great concept, eliminate the midsole, and just use the legs for support. The shoe is absolutely beautifull; I do think you need some kind of suport under the sock, maybe if u put a carbon fiber plate or white plastic depending on the color, it would still be supportive enough. Maybe you could put some sort of minimal cushioning, like zoom air.I do also think the carbon fiber upper version of your shoe wouldn’t work very well, carbon fiber is extremely stiff, and if you used i t for the shoe’s upper, your foot would feel extremely restrained, but I LOVE that white color. great job…

Ever owned a pair of white shoes before? They won’t be white for long.

I think you are on the right path. for more of a tech shoe. there needs to be more description/ views of the shoe( also maybe upclose views of key areas) so that your functions of the shoe/ tech are communicating. I think you have captured a unique look and def. would pick it up off the shelves but now bring me closer and show me the details. have fun with it, and really explore all the lil things in the shoe that will make it special and classic.

the function of the shoe and how it could work now…I wouldnt worry about as much…not saying you should but rockets in the heel, but I think its ok to raise questions and ideas that cant be solved in the time we live in today. but I think this design needs more (views/ descriptions) for us to better understand how it would function in lets say 30yrs from now.

I think this could be helpful…for some inspiration/ esp with apple as your client.

there big add that changed the way the advertising biz ran things in 1983/ 84 for the super bowl they played this commercial// and it was the start of the " I think " apple campaign and it was reveolutionary. They brought computers to the home and made it available to the everyday families…

here is the ad/commercial link:

this I think could inspire many of you.



thanks to all comments. . . . I don’t want to explain anything, but just to say that my intention in a contest like that is " to play ", just to circulate the head and generate some ideas . . . . a type of brainstorming that in the day by day of professional and with production responsibilities and result of sales not always it can be done. . . . . it is pure fun or pleasure for me. . . .

About renderings, I normaly use a pen sketch + photoshop like these:

Nice renderings,

I realize that this is the theme for this competition and to be honest - the shoe looks pretty neat. It doesn’t need the i-aesthetic to make it look cool. The i-asesthetic certainly doesn’t help in its function.

And now the purpose of this email…
Personally, I am really getting tired of “i” aesthetic used by designers on non-Apple products. It is too easy. I have seen so many student projects that reference the design language of Apple. To me it’s a cop out.

As for devoting an entire competition to this - I can’t think of an easier thing than the aesthetic of the ipod to rip off. The design language is so simple (not a knock on Apple here) that even an untrained designer can duplicate it. Lets see… Shiny, white, boxy, a circular element and an apple logo. Done. Designing a shoe… now that is tough - why wreck it by essentially dictating the aesthetic.

I think schools should encourage students to NOT look at the ipod for inspiration (at least direct inspiration) Why not design a shoe inspired by a grasshopper, movement, if it has to be a brand…how about something not so obvious so that the competition is at least interesting.

is your white nano now black?

The renderings are fantastic - I can’t do renderings like that - I think the OP needs to do some for me :laughing:

<Note - the below is not a criticism of the OP’s work>

BUT there is nothing that turns me off more than Apple and iPod. It’s supposed to be so original and stylish, but I find the product all bland smug and ‘sheeple’. Just a personal thing, like. The thing that finally did it for me was when Rosa Parks died they did that ad. Fuck using someone like that as a marketing tool :smiling_imp: