Ian Murchison - Portfolio

The holiday break has given me some time to put together my portfolio. Let me know what you think.


EDIT: The above link is an updated version. The previous version can be found here http://ianmurchison.com/v1/


Not sure my comments will be useful as I am only a recent graduate myself, but I like the pdf portfolio. And it’s good you show some design process, which all the veteran members of the core77 forums always suggest.

I think the website could use some more of your work, but I guess it’s meant really only as a teaser.

Thanks for the feedback.

You’re right in the website really being a teaser. While everyone is different in what they’re looking for, I’m hoping the final stage of a project will grab their attention and leave them wanting to know more about the background work. Also I wanted to be able to show a wide range of work as quickly as possible so that they don’t lose interest. They only have 1 page per project to flip through, so if they’re not really interested in one of the projects they don’t need to scroll through several pages of it.

Hey Ian,

Overall, some good stuff. I’d suggest some more process would be a good thing to add. Your sketches are of very good quality and personally, i’d rather see more of those than final renderings for more projects. All that being said, with the process and sketches you can do, I’d even say one in-depth project with sketches, research, models, CAd, etc. might be more impressive than many projects skimmed over…

At the very least, I’d put the sketch pages you have towards the end more to the front.

As well, a lot of your projects could help to be better represented with more context shown. the bike stand doesn’t read as much if you just see at first. needed is a pic with a bike at the very least. same goes with the hummingbird feeder. if i just look at the pic, i have no idea what it is… a quick fix to PS a bird in there would do wonders.

Overall, i think you have great skills, but aren’t selling them to the full capability. Process is everything and at this point a lot of your portfolio is showing “final” work. I’d rather see more like your sketch page with exploration than final CAD renderings for most of your pages. I know you have some good thought and skills so it’s all about communicating that.

As it stands, (and knowing your work) being honest, I think you are better than your portfolio shows. (not a bad place to be in - better than being in a place where your portfolio shows all you got and it’s not that good, or your portfolio makes it look like you are better than you are { it will catch up to you } ).

Also have to call out the UI a bit. If you need instructions to tell people how to use it, it’s not so great. I think you generally have a nice, clean, consistent layout and good content. Perhaps a more straight forward UI might help. Content is king and i don’t think making the navigation a bit experimental helps any. You’ve got great work that would equally stand out if it was even just in a straight Flickr gallery , PDF or blog…

EDIT - just took a look at your full portfolio. awesome. I think you need much more of that in your “teaser” or web portfolio, or even the whole thing. Keep in mind that keeping things back from showing can be at a disadvantage. At this point, I think the more the better. I’d suggest to put the whole shebang online and not worry about the “teaser” aspect. The full thing can get you a job. 25% might not and I’m sure you have a bunch more to show even after they’ve seen the “whole” thing. Sometimes not showing enough is not showing what people want to see…


Hey Richard,

Thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated. I think I’ll change some things up, and hopefully have something this week you can check out.

EDIT: updated the new version to www.ianmurchison.com The previous version can be found here http://ianmurchison.com/v1/

Nice stuff, but on the new site there are some font issues, helvetica neue is fine but the clickable links look strange.
Social networking stuff gives a lot of value especially your flickr account.