iAir 360

My entry for kicksguide. Let me know what you think. Here is a little about the shoe. When I think iPod Nano I think lightweight customized music to go. That is what I wanted to bring to life in the i360. The “belt" allows the shoe to be customized through the NIKEid program (different colors / personal id). The use of nubuck, reduced material and the new Air Max 360 mid-sole helps to reduce this shoes weight. Here is a general overview:

Black portion is nubuck
White portion is full grain leather
“Window” in back (reduces weight)
Dynamic Dri-Fit tongue
“Belt” strap at top (replaceable - available in Apple colors or through NIKEid)
Play logo on bottom lace lock
Pebax cage surrounds largest Air Max 360 unit
Non-marking black rubber
Herringbone traction in high use areas
Diamond traction in less used area (reduces weight)
Anatomically placed flex grooves
“Earbud” cutout (reduces weight, helps flex)[/img]

here are a couple of thoughts…
shape… take a look at YO’s shape instructions…you must and you can easily improve this… and just to let you know … it isn’t so bad right now

use color to enchance your design… the “air 360” is a very interesting and important element of your design… expose it more

if you want to reduce the wight as much as possible, but in the same time don’t loose some important material properties then you must know that the leather weights more then a synthetic material. you might skin the leather (make it thinner) but it would not support you foot during… you know what, don’t you?

that hole on the heel is too low if you want to use an internal heel counter.
if you don’t then please think about how you want to to provide heel stability…
be open minded… everything can be redone, redesigned, reinvented… be an innovator


Thanks for the input. I will definately use it as I move forward. Next month I will post a little earlier so I can “complete” my design.