IA Collaborative

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me what products IA Collaborative is responsible for?

I’ve found a lot of info about their approach, which is terrific, but what are some results?



I’m sure I couldn’t find anything you couldn’t through the usual means. Why do you ask? I’m not familiar with them.

I’ve seen some brand identity work for Boston Whaler and Brunswick, some technical communications (instructions) for Nike watches, and the Chicago Symphony website. All that’s 5 years old though. I’m not aware of any Product/Industrial Design work.

Thanks for the info.

Sorry if that looked like a lazy question but I haven’t been able to find ID work they’ve done. They’re a design research consultancy in Chicago (where I’m job hunting), and I’ve seen a couple of their ID posts on coroflot. It’s my understanding that their ID department is relatively new so maybe it’s too early to ask.

Their website is kind of ambiguous, http://iacollaborative.com/, a lot of philosophy and article links. What work I can find, not even as much as what cg mentioned, is a little buried within the site.

BTW, when I googled “IA Collaborative,” this discussion thread was result #6.

I did a small, extremely rushed IxD project with them (mixed results)
We got the sence they want to get into the “design thinking” end of things and not so much the doing…is there more money in that approach?