I would Love to work for Nike


I have been posting in the footwear sketch forum for a few days now and I absolutely love shoe design because it incorporates all elements that attract me to design.

I would like to work for Nike and or one of it’s affiliates in shoe or apparel design. I believe in what Nike is about from a lifestyle brand and the direction it is going based on where it has been.

I realize that an industrial design degree is preferred and I’m perfectly fine with that. I live in Michigan and I am looking into attending CCS:


asap for a bachelor degree. This will take approx. 3 years plus carrying a full load. I only have a high school education but I have real world experience.

Is this an acceptable school for attempting to obtain employment with Nike?

I am thinking that this is an excellent opportunity to start a daily blog on the process for getting into the industry… starting it now or as soon as possible logging my daily progress in real time.

Currently I am unemployed due to location and lifestyle choice but I have many years experience in urban clothing design. I draw, I make patterns, I sew, I develop tech packs etc. I have numerous relationships with sales reps, manufacturers and retail organizations.I understand the business of Urban apparel. I have no doubt that in attending school I will be in the top end of the class.

My questions are:
1.) Is this a good school for this line of work… I know it is on top as far as auto design.
2.) Is it wrong to make clear my intentions from this point in time? I am emphatical about it.
3.) In excelling in studies amongst my peers, will this be enough to get Nike’s attention?

I understand that NOTHING is guaranteed nor am I asking. I am aware that I have a lot of raw natural talent but refinement is needed.

I’ll be calling on CCS for Summer enrollment tomorrow the 14th.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Take Care,

Here are the Major choices, Please advise on the correct choice:

  • Majors & Programs
    o Advertising Design
    o Animation & Digital Media
    o Art Education
    o Crafts
    o Fine Arts
    o Graphic Design
    o Illustration
    o Interior Design
    o Photography
    o Product Design
    o Transportation Design
    o Foundation
    o Liberal Arts

Also which programs would you suggest that I try to familiarize myself with?

Is it advisable to start learning Maya 3D?

At the current time I have been working with CorelDraw since version3 it’s on 13 now.

Thanks for taking the time.

OK just got off of the phone and it’s on!
Going for product design if that is the correct choice to make.
I have to set up a portfolio evaluation by Feb. 01,08 for fall start time.

Man I am excited about this regardless of the potential job outcome.

good luck! I think product design will be a good fit tor you. Sounds like you really have the passion for it. That will take you plenty far.

Thanks JK
It’s funny the pep I have in my step today :slight_smile: I would never have considered this if I never visited Core77 and that is a fact.

I feel funny because I have a good life and I really don’t want to be a shoe designer for the sake of it, I want to work for Nike and I don’t want my lack of credentials to stop me at the door. If I don’t obtain a position with Nike I know that the experience and the relationships I am making (like with you) and future people will allow me to create other opportunities…period.

It’s a win, win situation for me and I feel great :stuck_out_tongue:
I am very pleased to have met you and I look forward to seeing how this whole thing progresses.

Hey Randall,

I was reading your forum session and thought I’d throw out malakye.com. It’s a great place to check to find out more about shoe design jobs (the site is targeted towards the action sports industry). I’ve come across a number of design opportunities there, but wish I would’ve known about them sooner! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


Thanks, I appreciate the link.

I just started designing shoes or should I say attempting to design :wink: Nov. to be exact so I have very little to offer when cold calling or sending in a resume.

I would be a good fit for the action sport apparel section but I am going to concentrate on foot wear.

I remember showing at the S.I.A. show in Chicago many years ago and talk about an alternative group of business owners (skate/surf/snow board) showing right along side the establishment and slamming them in the mouth. This was when it was in its infancy before the larger brands bought up smaller brands or came back door with their own small “cottage” labels.