I would love some feedback on my portfolio

I’m a recent grad looking for work. Luckily, I have an internship right now holding me over, but I’m looking for the next great thing to carry me over into full professional work. At the moment though, I’m not getting a whole lot of bites on my work. I intend for my website to be a teaser of my portfolio, showing a good range of projects, and limited process for each one. Is this the wrong way to go about it? Should this site be the full process for each and every project I have listed? There are so many ways to do this, and only a few are the right way.

Thanks in advance

Edit: Fixed the link. Sorry about that guys, that was some bad luck!


Nice balance of sketch, real and render. Nice work, clean presentation.

Sketchbook page: I like your style of drawing, communicates but not too overly slick or digitally homogeneous. However I am a little put off by the characters and the silliness of it. The rest of the pages have a nice maturity and I think you should keep that theme running through the sketchbook pages as well. And the blue ruled lines page, although nice sketches, is out of place because of the paper it was sketched on.

Thanks so much for the feedback. The sketchbook section was always something I was questioning somewhat. Do you think it’s even necessary to keep? I’m wondering if it even serves to demonstrate anything that isn’t shown elsewhere. Regardless, I’ll edit out examples that don’t reflect well.

Thanks again

I would like to see pages of your sketches in the presentation, it shows your ability to work out an idea even if that idea does not make it further. Since I am a product person, I would like to see more product/shape/solution exploration sketches.