I would like some feedback.


Links are now removed. Thanks to everyone who took their time to look at my work.


I would say that for just finishing your second year you are on the right track. There are a few areas where the perspective is a little off but the sketches still read well. Your outside line weights are a little heavy for my tastes but I went through that phase in school too. Although there is nothing novel about the toaster sketch it is one of the better sketches. The Nike knife page is also fairly nice. I wish I could see more of the small little thumbnails in the background. There is some really good thought in there and although it is not the final direction you went with it is as important if not more important than the final. Take some of those ideas and develop them further and let them lead to new discovery. Your thought process will then reveal itself on the page which ultimately leads to intrigue from the viewer. I understand you are probably trying to get the technical side of ID down right now but start to think about why you went with the direction you did. The chef knife project is all about creating knife within the realm of Nike’s design langauge. It would’ve been nice to see you back up your decision with a little research into how a knife if used in different situations and also research into Nike’s design language and how you applied that to your final product.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

I feel like in general fewer slides/shorter presentation is better, so there definitely is a substantial portion of the process that becomes left out of my presentation slides for many of the projects. It’s not that i didn’t do any research, but i think what i’m trying to do in these presentation slides is to make everything easy to understand visually. i wasn’t sure how to organize the information about the research in a visual way, so in the end i decided to leave it out altogether. But you are right. I should definitely try to find a way to get that information in there as well. And thanks for the suggestion about developing multiple ideas further. I will experiment with that in future projects for sure.

I’d appreciate any other feedback anyone might have.

I would probably ask for the works to be more consistent.

You’ve got some nice layouts, that chess rendering was pretty amazing. However, your sketching and rendering sometimes drags you down. And explain a little more, like how does the chess thing work?

And I would say that nike project is probably the best work, I mean, it is really nicely explained, and to communicate is the most important thing. I would probably watch out on your branding though? How does Nike relate to kitchen equips?

Welcome to the boards Moto. When did you do the LG project, was that for Chris?

Taro: thanks for the feedback. Could you elaborate a little about the sketches and rendering dragging things down? Do you mean the portfolio as a whole has too many pages dedicated to a single sketch or render? Or that they just aren’t up to par?

To answer your questions, the chess set has a piece of magnet on the bottom of each piece and the bottom of each hole, with the same poles facing eachother. The pieces will drop in the hole, but levitate because of the magnets. The board also has a mechanism to lock the pieces in place by shifting the magnets. The image is a picture of the prototype i made, not a render :slight_smile:

The nike knife was one of those ‘take brand X and combine it with product Y’ type of projects. But in the end i felt that there were some relevance between nike and kitchenware since eating healthy is crucial to good physical fitness.

Mike: the LG project was someting i worked on outside of school. Probably around late april.