I wish my shop had one of these!

I heard about these guys on NPR the other day. Very neat.


looks like that hand has done some serious product testing

Wow, imagine when they start to license the design to major powertool companies…

Very nice. Any1 know how it might work…or did I miss that on the webpage?

It’s in the webpage. They also have a small vid you can download. Very cool product. Anyone willing to test it? I wonder if good improvements like this might give people too much confidence (make it easier for them to not pay attention)?

Saw stop tried to license the technology to major machinery manufacturers, but no one was interested in it.

Not that no one is interested, but everyone is busy trying to find a way around the patent.

Actually the big powertool companies weren’t interested because it would add significant cost for the consumer and safety doesn’t sell. Great idea - I’m glad they stopped trying to sell it and are making it on their own.

Not really. Big companies like those are so afraid of screwing up that they have their safety department to check over the products and will sacrifice any feature for safety. One told me that they rather be safe than sorry, because just one of those legal cases will cost their entire effort on the R&D of the product.

They are always competiting with patents and stuffs. They may tell you that they are not interested, but engineers are working their a55 of behind the door to by pass your patent so that they don’t have to pay you.

If they can’t get pass, either they just leave it or give in to you.

If they really think your design is profitable, they may just buy your company and absorb your patents as well… and debts.

great idea, but the reason that major companies are not interested is because the consumer is not willing to pay the difference for the feature, so it doesnt seem like a profitable feature to incorporate.