I wish I had $$$$ for this notebook/workstation

Boxxtech 2200

Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT technology
Intel 915P chipset
NVIDIA PCI Express - Quadro FX Go1400 256MB
17" WideSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 LCD Display
Dual Channel DDR2-533 (4 SO-DIMMS)
56K modem and Gigabit Ethernet
Soundblaster Virtual 8-channel Audio
Full Size Keyboard with Numpad
7-In-1 Media Card Reader
Enhanced 4 Speakers + Subwoofer
(4) USB 2.0 ports
(2) IEEE 1394a mini ports
(1) PS2 port
(1) LPT port
(1) DVI connection (for dual simultaneous display)
(1) COM port
(1) Type II PCMCIA Slot / Infrared port

Expansion options:
Dual HDD Support with RAID (Serial ATA or IDE)
Dual Smart Bay Optical Drives
Bluetooth and 802.11 Wireless Lan


This is one nasty machine!

those are good stats for a laptop


i just got a pretty well equiped sager for 2100. I love it. 5 speakers plus a subwoofer built in, even a web cam. cool little features.

Doesn’t come close to the Boxx 2200.
But the Sager is half the price, for half the computer.

That link goes to the base model, with the upgrades it is better then the one you listed. 64 bit amd smokes that Intel chip.

what stats are you saying are better.

So that machine you quoted is the base model?

I think i see now…

that video card must be a work station quality video card. Is that the case?

the new Boxx Lapy looks pretty similar to the latest Alienware incarnation, the MJ-12m 7700 . they must use the same internal gubbins

The Boxx is not a base model, it’s hooked up nicely.
The AMD 64 chip should smoke a 32bit P4, provide your OS is 64bit and your software is 64bit as well. Will be a while till all that happens.

The Nvidia card in the Boxx is awesome, yes it’s for workstations.


I got the 64 bit 3700 amd. it chugs along great with Illustrator, PS, and Indesign running. sagers do rock, especially for the price