I was a runner-up in the Core77/Timex Comp and got stiffed..

The prize for a runner-up was to be $500 worth of merchandise and stuff. I never received any prize and when I contact the people ( 2154contest@core77.com, JKatz@timex.com ) I get no response.

Has anyone else who won a prize in this competition received anything?

I had another friend win a competition to end up never getting her prize money… Makes me feel like small competitions are a hoax for companies to gather tons of good designs and screw the designers.

haha good luck with that
it isn’t the first time…

oh no brutus, you too?

The fifteen minutes of fame and glory are so worth it though.

hire an attorney and sue for triple damages

did you try calling them?

if you just sent a couple of emails you need to work on your professional communication skills pal, calling is a good suggestion…

from their CONTACT page:

Core77, Inc :
561 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York, NY, 10012
T: +1 212 965 1998
E: info@core77.com

I appreciate Core77’s initiative to help resolve this.

Add a big nasty word or boobs in a post and see how quick the core crew get onto it.