I wanted to share with you my blog about industrial design

My name is Boaz Zemer, and I’m a 4th year Industrial Design student from Tel-Aviv, Israel, studying at Shenkar college of engineering and design.
For the past 5-6 months I’ve been running my own blog about industrial design.
In my blog, I share my work and projects, ongoing process, thoughts about design and inspiration and featured reviews.
I also write tutorials for Solidworks, Photoshop and KeyShot, and a few of my posts even been featured in the KeyShot blog.
I try to encourage discussion and sharing, so your feedback is always welcome.

I’m just starting out, and I’ll really appreciate the support of our online community.
So if you like to help me out, get a insight into the mind and process of a fellow designer and student, you can read and follow my posts. On my Facebook page ,I share every blog post, images and videos, in a convenient and concise matter. You can also just go directly to my blog.

Thanks ahead :smiley:

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Blog: http://blog.boazzemer.com

So your first post in our community is to divert people away from it?

Facebook, Facebook Facebook … what is with the penchant that people have for wanting to share the mundane details of their lives with everyone else on the planet? I would think that at the beginning of one’s career most would be more interested in learning from experienced designers.

Being a “professional” anything is not about what you say you know…

There’s something quite contradictory going on here.

Hi, I think you got me all wrong. I never meant to divert people from this community, neither did I meant to share my personal life on Facebook. I’m obviously not competing with the Core77 community, nor do I ever intend to.
True, this was my first post here, but it was not intended to be my last post, and I’m still very eager to share my work and ideas with the Core77 community, though a bit shaken by your response.
I really was just looking to share (especially my written tutorials), and with the purest intention.

If I offended anyone or went out of boundaries, then I apologize.
I hope we can see past this, and here’s to a fresh start…

Ha… I was actually criticising the amin/moderators. I personally think it’s irrelevant whether it’s your first post or it’s a direction away to another site, or even if you’re young, as youth has a lot of unsuppressed creativity. But more important that the post is design based. I did take a look and found it to be relevant, so my opinion would be… keep it up.

Moaning that there is a diversion to another site is implying that you want the user to use your site. It’s like being critical of the poster by doing what the poster is doing. Some kind of paradoxical contradiction. Errrrrrr

The second one is… if experienced designers are so experienced then they should be experienced enough to encourage young designers, not put them off. This is a well established and quite tight knit online community, almost to the point of being a bit clicky and negative. I think maybe those who have been successful in the world of design are now slightly blinkered from how difficult it can be for a new or young designer. Young designers should be encouraged especially by those who are now very rarely feeling the struggle. I don’t think that there’s a necessity to just learn one way… from experienced designers. We can all learn from each other. I’d rather learn from pre-school kids in some cases.

But yeah if it’s just self marketing for the sake of self marketing, a follow me on facebook kind of thing then that’s not too good. But then we’re all self marketing even if we aren’t completely conscious of it.

And there’s no need to apologise for making a design post! C’mon! Keep it up.

There’s nothing contradictory going on here, Will. Unless of course you consider the fact that he posted a link to an Industrial Design blog, on a forum of an Industrial Design blog. Calling out Moderators isn’t really a good thing to do. We’re all here on our own working to keep the site clear of spam and other garbage. We have established some forum posting guidelines, that you may want to read through if you get the chance. We have outlined the preferred ways to contribute to the site.

To the Original Poster, no harm no foul. I think you’ll find that you can have a much more meaningful and robust discussion if you post your topics here for discussion. There are thousands of designers of all experience levels here that will contribute.

Defining it as ‘calling out’ sums things up. I’m not challenging you for the sake of it, I’m making a genuine observation. And why is it not a good idea? See what I mean… it’s a negative tone, a mild threat. What will happen? A forum ban… that is devastating. Surely as a moderator you could take on board and consider suggestions or observations rather than retaliate with a threat. I understand that you’re in a position of ‘power’ all be it digital but maybe there are better ways to use it. A design link on a design forum isn’t Spam. It doesn’t matter if it’s a link or embedded?.. it’s still design content. These are valid points, I’m not using it as an excuse for a debate.

In this case he posted a link to design blog which he created. And it was disregarded just because the content wasn’t embedded on the forum. He was knocked back with a couple of bully-like replies from the admin. What did anyone achieve from that? No admin took a look at the design. No admin followers took a look at the design because the admin (the ones they look up to) defined it as not the thing to do. And the start-up designer got a knock back that probably wasn’t necessary. If the approach was more subtle or friendly people might have learnt more.

I think the world is going a bit policy-regulation mad and missing the bigger picture. I’m not being funny for the sake of it… I’ve used a lot of forums and was a moderator of one so I know how they can work, how the vibe can be and how they appear to an outsider. I understand that you have your policies and it’s up to you how you run things, but I’m giving you an outsiders opinion, and maybe one that other members might have but you’d never hear it because they might not have the nerve to ‘call out’ moderators.

Anyway I’ve made my point… that’s all from me. I’ll let you have your rant back, but I’m not getting into a forum debate… reading them back makes me cringe.

Why is that?

I have gotten the exact same threat from other mods/admins.

Are mods/admins infallible? Are opposing points of view bad? The design community should shut its doors to alternative ideas?

It seems to me an incestuous cliche is not the way design should be defined. But god forbid that idea calls out a mod.


Take it easy, fellas. It’s Friday, drink some coffee and relax a bit.

Opposing views are not bad, they are encouraged. Our position is that it’s annoying and rude to link away from the site to your own blog. Both of you contribute frequently, and I certainly appreciate it. We may not agree, but that’s life. I’m glad you’re here contributing, voicing your opinion.

Would the forum be a fun place to visit if it were all Kickstarter posts, and personal business/blog links? There’d be no community, no discussion. That’s why we established the “How to Contribute and How not to Contribute” thread.

Call me out. Is my view ridiculous? Was I over the line to explain my opinion? Honestly. Go ahead and say so.

Your opinion is fine. Great in fact, atmo.

I didn’t care for the threat. It is unecessary and inconsequential.

btw, why does the filter change i_n_c_e_s_t_u_o_u_s to insect? I didn’t realize it was a “bad” word.

When this forum started it was largely the Wild West. It was fun, and funny, but there came a time when it went too far. C77 evolved and wanted a more professional discussion community, less concerned with a funny snark comment and more focussed on professional level global discussion. C77 hand selected high volume posters that people liked and trusted to be moderators with the mission to clean the forums up and make it a safer place for discussion. Over time, this all volunteer moderator team has recruited other frequent posters who seem to share an appreciation for the kind of discussions we wish to encourage, and the crew grew from a small handful to a larger team. Are we perfect? No one is are they? We make mistakes all the time. We do our best.

In this case, if original post was coming from a frequent poster who added to the community and wanted to let us know about his or her blog, I’d be all for it. For someone to join the community with the sole purpose of promoting their blog is not the kind of thing we want to encourage. You don’t have to agree with the position, but it stands. Perhaps I could have explained my comment further. I assumed it was obvious, which may have been a mistake.

Iab, Will, you have asserted your distaste for the moderating team before. You both are quick to criticize the mods but seem to be a little touché when those same mods let you know that you’ve crossed a line or explain themselves. I’m not asking you to like the way we moderate the boards. We do it in a way that we feel makes this the best free online design discussions. You are always free to start your own forums and run it totally differently. I don’t mean that smuggly. That is how ProdutDesignForums started, where I believe I first interacted with you Will.

Of course in written digital communication it can be difficult to decipher tone. Maybe your point of view comes from a genuine concern for our community, maybe you just have issues when it comes to structure. I don’t know you. If either of you would like to have a gentlemanly discussion about it, PM me and I’ll set up a conference call. Otherwise, your continuous complaining just tends to derail threads and we don’t want that. Looking forward to discussing over the phone.


No worries, we would love for you to share your work and tutorials. Please start topics in the appropriate forums and post images and content in. Looking forward to checking out your work.