I want to live in this garage...

Thanks goes to Rob Podel (aka: cash68) for a link found in his restoration project (currently featured on Build Threads website).

In the Garages section; Project Garage Condo. Starting on page 1 and skipping to pages 15 and 23 covers most of the finished details. Other photos of the construction are scattered throughout the 31 page thread, including Cobra build projects on photos pages 23-31. Hey, you can never have too many projects!

If you live near Minneapolis [Chris], you may be familiar with the AutoMotorPlex; 11 buildings, 175 garage condo units and a 4000 square foot clubhouse with a bar/big screen tv’s/kitchen for ‘owner’ gatherings, events.

Holy crap - I live about 5 minutes from this place!!

After I get cleaned out in my impending divorce maybe I CAN live here. Great price if I can sleep and cook there!!! I’m thinking Batcave.

Key Garage Unit Features

Owners can finish out their units to their own specification.
13′, 24′, 30′ and 32′ widths
25′, 40′, 54′, 80′ and 86′ lengths (including drive-through units)
16′, 18′ and 20′ ceiling heights with
14′x18′ and 16′x20′ insulated raised panel doors with remote control garage door openers.
Paved roads with gutters. Concrete garage door aprons.
Each unit has individually controlled in-floor heaters
Each unit has fire suppression sprinkler system and also in the rafters
Each unit has 100 amps of electrical power
Most units will have water and floor drains
Some of the units will have bathrooms (owner option prior to construction)
Each owner will also own a fractional share of the ~4000 Sq Ft Clubhouse and the common court yards as well as the 1.5 acre pond.
Options for T5 lighting, sand trap drains, windows, mezzanines, office/private space (many calling it a man cave), sport courts for the kids, purpose designed sound systems, LCD monitors, Direct TV Satellite, Wireless Internet, and interior finishing like flooring, wall covering, custom painting, etc.
Internet Protocol based security system for the campus as well as the individual “private garage” units and clubhouse.
Automated campus security gate.
Optional added security system for your particular garage allowing you to look in on your collection from anywhere you have internet access. You would log into the Auto MotorPlex Website with your ID/passcode and then you and only you would be able to view what is in your garage. Also the ability to alert you and record security breaches that would email your phone or computer and stream video of the event for your review.
Units start at $39,000

No, I can’t live there. Oh well…

“The site is not zoned for residential, however I have seen people stay over for various reasons.
Feel free to call for more information.”

Bruno Silikowski
Auto MotorPlex Minneapolis

I missed their big show a few weeks ago. The photos shown are of the annual show where they open up the garages and let people tour around and check out the fancy cars in the works and in storage. A friend of mine went and said it was incredible the amount of money flowing through that place. Multiple Lambos and Ferarris in one garage. Cobras. It’s amazing.

That is pretty close to my ideal living space , first interior pic.

That is pretty close to my ideal living space …

It’s bigger than the entire ID studio/shop space at Purdue … when I was in school. :neutral_face:

From today’s Star Tribune:

Possibly the most epic dream garage thread on the interwebs:

You’re almost guaranteed to waste a couple hours looking at everything. Some really beautiful setups, and of course cars!