I want to improve my portfolio (help please)

I’ve been a frequenter to the site for a while but I just recently decided to make an account, I was hoping to get feedback on a blog site I have now thats acting as my defacto portfolio. I was at Iowa State for two years (one in industrial design) and I’m transferring to CCS this fall to study transportation and product design. Next year will be my 3rd year in college and obviously I need to start looking for internships. Unfortunately I’m essentially starting over in the curriculum at CCS and I’m worried I won’t have relevant projects to put in my portfolio. I’m hoping to use any feedback to help set up classes this coming fall and spring.

Website link- http://thingsbylogan.wordpress.com/

Specific Questions

Would the work I have on there now be considered acceptable when applying or should the work include a greater emphasis on the design process as a whole? (right now I have a lot of one-off sketches that aren’t part of a design project)

Are there any specific pieces on the website that I should Omit?

Are companies interested in seeing personal growth and improvement or should the site be strictly your best work and a resume?

Is a blog format for a portfolio website viewed as professional? (I personally prefer it because I can just scroll through the work) or should I create a separate site ?

If you’ve made it this far then I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy post, I really appreciate it!

On the whole, awesome work.

I’m UK based so won’t comment on any educational aspects your post.

I think you quite rightly stated there is not much process here. You do show some on the “combine harvester in a box” project, but this is one of the less visually exciting pieces of work.

The downside to your blog format is also it’s attraction, you just keep on scrollin’. I’d certainly advise you to put into categories, show full projects where you can, and show less. People only have a limited amount of time to review a portfolio.

It sounds like I should have a separate site for a more tidy portfolio (such as Behance, or Coroflot). I’m not that great at using the free wordpress format so I don’t know if I could organize what I have now the way I want to. I would like to have the posts have a single picture and title that you could click on then it would take you to a page with the rest of the images. but I don’t how to do that. I’ll probably hold off on making a different portfolio until I have more industry specific projects from school.