I want to graduate faster

Now, I study in California State University - Long Beach. I finish all of my lower division clause, except one desn 280 that only offer in 2008 fall. I have to finish this clause and pass profile review before entry the upper division, then there are 2 and half more year before I can graduate. Oh, man , I’m 30 already and I don’t to stay in school such long. so , is there any suggestion for me , such as I can transfer other school to finish the BS degree , or esc…

most schools dont transfer all your credits, it may actually take longer to finish at another school.

You realize, it’s really not that much time to gain all the skills needed to earn a living in ID. try to focus on cramming in as much as possible, including business and engineering into that remaining 2 1/2 years!

YES, it may be no reason rushing for the graduation. And, “business”, do you mean the stuff I can learn from the internship? Thanks your suggestion.

…actually, courses in the school of business, particularly Marketing. but definitly do several internships too.

check out the advice to students sticky thread at the top of the posts list for other reccomendations.