I want me one of those!


wayull, yuns kin have wonna them if’n ya wont one … but keep remindin’ yersef that it was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research …

I would prefer a straight tank - M1 abrams - that would be the ultimate to drive to work - and you don’t have to keep you 9mm under the seat, because your whole vehicle is a big gun.

I would humbly settle for this:

you keep your Glock under the seat …? what good is that?

Well sometimes when I’m merging I’ll wave the gun out the window, just to let 'em know - but I can’t drive like that all the time, my arm gets tired, and it could cause an accident.

Ideally you would have a machine gun mounted in the back with your best friend plugging away, but that feature hasn’t been offered…yet.

i can fit two people in the cabin so we can car pool…i hope you don’t mind paying for the gas, she’s a bit of a hog…