I want me one of 'em!

Just imagine how good this will look on a designer’s desk, right next to the framed photo of his Asian girlfriend. :laughing:

Pressing coffee is a “violent act” - really???

even still, if we’re not pressing with our Bodums, I’ll keep my CafeSolo

Still never used a Chemex NURB even though I know I should…

OK. So the designer has a lot of experience in the field, and has worked for and with some respectable brands. This latest contribution was interesting or notable enough to warrant publishing in the Grey Lady online. Clearly some contributors - the OP - liked the product too. But when it comes to certain objects like coffee, bikes, sneakers, or headphones, concepts or even ideas that stick up get pounded down pretty quick by the contributors to the Core77 forum.

I’m not defending this design at all - its not as good as a lot of other existing things - but the attitude that comes from the forum often isn’t one that I would expect from designers.

(on the flip side - I’m a new dad, so maybe this is the kinder gentler slippyfish - ugh)

Or an extremely tired Slippyfish :S

naw your just sleep deprived and lets face it coffee, bikes, sneakers all have pretty long track records and are more function over form than a lot of stuff.

thanks for the recalibration

Some people are just more jaded or negative, I suppose. I like the design. I think it is a good combo of form and function in a pretty unique package that stands out aesthetically, in a good way. It’s not revolutionary by any means but overall a nice treatment to the problem, IMHO.


n a pretty unique package ??? its a camp coffee pot rendered in white plastic!!!

I haven’t seen another quite like it. Show me yours.

Sometimes simple and good is all it needs.


It’s interesting- if only to witness how the designer, George Sowden, has evolved over the thirty years since he was designing stuff like this with Ettore Sottsass for the Memphis group

I would love one of these on my desk, too bad it’s only a concept for now.


I saw this in Chicago last month, OXO is coming out with their own French Press.

I’m gonna throw myself in front of a car here a bit, I know, but in Australia here we have a very strong italian style ‘espresso’ coffee scene. We consider this to be ‘real’ coffee. From my experiences in the US and the UK (I’m originally from the UK) there just doesn’t seem to be much of a scene for this style of coffee. Starbucks and Costa and such claim to make good espresso coffee, but to be honest they’re really just big buckets of watery garbage. Am I wrong in saying this? I have only been to certain parts of the US. In, for example, New York, is there a strong espresso coffee movement due to the number of Italians that migrated?

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about:


That movement is very strong here in the US, you just can’t see it well behind the veil of Starbucks. Regional roasters Intelligentsia and many others are on the cusp of the 3rd wave of coffee. In fact, the guy in charge of roasting at Intelligentsia in Chicago won the world barista championships last year.

Intelli’s Black Cat espresso is divine…

Yeah, I always wondered about that. I hate to refer back to Hollywood, but they never show that side of it. It is always ‘lets line up at starbucks and order a vente black coffee’. Plus all my relations in the US just drink plunger coffee.

I have seen a big movement in Chicago for higher end coffee, or at least coffee houses that take the time to provide a quality product. Intelligentsia and Metropolis have done a great job. In the past couple months 2 places right next to me have opened up that specialize in high end specialty coffee and they have free classes and food pairings too.

That man certainly takes pride in his coffee

Man! How much do you have to pay to get that cup of coffee?? :laughing:

Maybe 8-9 if it’s the whole syphon.

That hardly seems justifiable even for an avid coffee drinker. I how much of a difference it actually makes…