I want me one of 'em!


:laughing: shows you know little about brewing and less about coffee. Ok tsteps to great coffee.

  1. WATER, if your tap water sucks use a filter system, preferably reverse osmosis or water from one of the big bottlers like dasani.
  2. Coffee, its how long its been from the time its been roasted the shorter the better as in still warm from the roaster, don’t let the industry slight of hand about the need for degassing fool you, it degases when its brewed. Oh yea and lighter roasts have more complex flavor profiles than dark.
  3. Grind, proper for brewing method, and no perk coffee is not a proper brewing method.
  4. coffee to water ratio. 10 grams per brewed cup.
  5. Temp. just off the boil, steep for desired brewed strength.

What exactly does “back to basics” coffee making mean - is it like the cowboy and his frying pan, over a campfire? And why is that supposed to be better than finely-tuned, expensive machines that turn out perfect cups of coffee?

Water temp - 195-205F.
Brewing time - 5-6 minutes for 10C
Gold filter is probably better than Stainless steel

That leaves you with a “hollow handle” and a “slow pour spout”. Let me know how you enjoy those features.

Filter!!! What filter? 'At’s what tha egg shells er fer… . … .

“Hollow handle means insulation = Handle does not get hot”

Me thinks someone needs to read up on their physics and how heat is transfer and absorbed through mass. His design will actually have the handle get hotter. I think a little more design and development is needed here.

Actually the hollow handle would provide better insulation if the air was sucked out of it and was a complete vacuum.

still want one? :laughing:

Why not? Seems like a quick easy way way to make a good cup of coffee right at your desk. No filter to throw out, and no need to brew a whole pot. Clever use of photo-etching technology, but then again I’ll have to get back to you after I’ve tasted a cup. :wink:

So is this, though and it’s a wonderful brew method.


We’ve gone through a few Bodums over the years. It always come down to the “screen” looking so gross that we don’t want to use it, so we buy another one. That ended when I was informed by the makers of my “Thermos” ( Stanley ) that a teaspoon of OxyClean dissolved in a thermos full of hot water, and left over night would make it look like new. And it did. Might work on the Bodum screens too.

At least we weren’t fooled by this scam, were we…

Pretend you are a design snob, which would you rather have sitting on your desk? :smiley:

As a design snob, I’d take the french-press

I think I’d still take the Bodum, honestly. BUT, I am a coffee snob first and foremost. Flavor and quality trumps design.

This is what I’d actually prefer to have at my desk (along with the necessary warm water and grinder)

Here’s me, pretending to be a design snob:

“I want this one because its white and shiny and the form language really says ‘pot’ in a pure, elemental way. Because I’m a designer, I don’t care what’s inside, whether the strainer-whatzit relates to the form of the pot, how it works, or whether it makes coffee as well as McDonald’s. I wear super-skinny jeans even though they make my nads hurt, because I’m a design snob, and I sit on the sharpened pyramid-shaped art object that NuNyeh told me to sit on. If there was an Apple logo on this pot, I would be even more excited to use it, and less critical of how the coffee tastes. I don’t care. I want this pot. The other one isn’t white. And looks like a science experiment. People will like me more because of my white pot. This white pot symbolizes who I am, a design snob.”

Coffee…out the nose!

Just a th0ught - for a bunch of supposedly open-minded designers, comfortable with ambiguity and passionate about new concepts, and able to pitch new concepts to cynics, the contributors to this forum sure have a low tolerance for BS.

Not sure I follow. Please elaborate.

100% useless product…to me, I don’t drink coffee or tea. :smiley:
All that research and design brainstorming could of been used on a useful product, like an inexpensive portable air jacking system for my car when I go to the track. :wink:
(This is a poke fun post, not meant to be taken personally by anyone) (No coffe grounds were harmed in the manufacture or implementation of this post)

agreed, fresh roasted, press coffee at that!

Umm a “new concept” that is neither new or innovative and fails in its core task…give that boy a red dot and ID award!