I Wanna do a 2 year ID course ... any suggestions?

Hi, I’m interested in doing a 2 year course in design-oriented and stylized ID rather than technical ID even though I am a mechanical engineer.

I’ve got admits for the
(1)Glasgow School of Art 5 years (MeDes programme)
(2)Florence Design Academy 8 months
(3)University of the Arts, Philadelphia 4 years

JUst wanted to ask u guys if you know of any other good colleges in Europe or US. Should i go for any of the above colleges or shud I just enrol myself into Academy of Art College,San Fransisco. I tried Pratt, Pasadena and RISD but didnt get in. Do you know of any other grad schools which take non-design people… I want to prepare a stronger portfolio and apply again next year but need advice on where to spend 1 year doin that…

Maybe you could try to go to grad school.


ACC, RIT, Cranbrook, Carnegie Mellon U?
If I were you, I will take some short but intense
night courses to build up the portfolio and
try Artcenter again.
My choice will be Artcenter, Carnegie Mellon,
Cranbrook, RIT and Pratt.
It seems like you already know about
mechanical engineering so use what you learned
as a part of the portfolio. machine designs or
part designs that you created before and
do lots of drawings and clean computer layouts.

Onemore thing is…ID isn’t all about styling…
I wish it was, so the study can be a piece of cake.
Innovation, synthesizing engineering, manufacture process,
materials, research and aesthetics are equally important.

My head is filled with concern about things as well…^ ^
I’m just replying to your request and thanks for put me as
your advice list. I hope you the best of Luck.
Hey who knows you can be the first winner of IDSA student
design in few years.
Take care.

In case you guys haven’t realized, he’s not in the US, but India. It is not too possible for foreigners to come into US because VISA is difficult to get.

IMO 2 years can’t get you anything. Design isn’t something you can learn with text book.

BTW I think you left out your credit card and bank account number in your sig… :slight_smile:

Get your MID from UArts.